A date for every trait

Tinder, schminder. There’s some unusual new dating sites out there to help you win your match, says Helen Croydon


Let’s face it, you have to get the awkward questions out of the way at the beginning, right? Imagine finding your perfect date, only to discover you’re entirely out of political alignment three months down the line! Thankfully, for passionate Trump supporters, they can assure each other of political unity from day one. TrumpSingles.com launched in April in the US and has 11,000 members. It’s $24.99 a month. Meanwhile, Brits can try remainderapp.co.uk, which brings together those who voted to remain in the EU.


This website is aimed at straight people who have been having experimental thoughts about the same sex but are too nervous to do anything about it. As if first date nerves weren’t bad enough! According to a poll by the site, one in three of us have fantasised about a sexual encounter with the same sex, and one in five have done something about it. But does it count as cheating? From £25/month

Go gadget: Date, and play on PokeDates


If you struggle for conversation on a first date, you could always talk about whether Elvis is still alive. This is a dating site for conspiracy theorists. ‘Awake’ is the term for a person who believes that the world’s leaders or organisations are responsible for big events. Probably best to check you concur on your theories, though. If you differ on the date of Armageddon, how can you possibly plan a future together? Free (active in the UK and the US)


Pay £20 for a T-shirt to wear for three days. Let it absorb your pheromones. Then send it off in a pre-paid envelope, after which it will be sent to three recipients for sniffing. In return, you’ll get three used tees to inhale in your own time. Choose the odour that most tickles your nostrils and if there’s a match you’ll get each other’s deets. You’ll save a fortune on perfumery. £20 for three sniffs


If trekking over rocky terrain to slaughter a Drowzee makes you go weak at the knees, or chasing a Zubat along a train platform and sleighing it with a Poké Ball is your idea of a real woman, this is the one for you. It’s a dating site for fans of mobile phone game Pokémon Go. Fill in a few questions, tell it when you’re free and you’ll get matched with another player. No more thinking about where to go for a first date because you can go charging through malls together, pointing your phone at invisible avatars. Heaven. $20 per date (US only)