Revealed... the elaborate tattoo on Joshua’s Sasse

KYLIE MINOGUE’S hunky squeeze Joshua Sasse has a massive Cheryl-style tattoo covering his entire bottom.

The 28-year-old British actor flashed it — along with his entire lunchbox — for sex scenes in US TV show Rogue.

The little-known scenes of three years ago have since come to light, revealing the gigantic blue floral-style ink job.

This summer Sasse flashed a hint of the whopper print on his derrière when the lovers splashed about in the Mediterranean, with the blue tat sneaking out of the top of his swimmers.

Former X Factor star Cheryl, 33, stunned fans when she posted a picture of her tattoo roses, which cover her behind.

Meanwhile Kylie, 48, insists she’s not getting hitched any time soon.

She looked set to walk down the aisle with Sasse amid talk that the big day, in her home town of Melbourne, was imminent.

‘I hate to let everyone down, but no,’ she said.

‘People’s enthusiasm is lovely, we appreciate that, but there are no wedding plans.’