Study and stay fit from your flipping bed

Work, rest and play: StudyBed have made beds that flip up to form desks

WHAT’S the most important piece of furniture in your home? While the sofa runs a close second, my bed wins. Since the pandemic hit I’ve obviously slept there but I’ve also relaxed there, watched Netflix there and in March, when I had Covid, I worked and even ate there. I bet I’m not alone.

But what if you could turn your bed into a desk? Or a dining table? Or even a gym? It sounds mad but a new generation of space-saving furniture promises it’s possible.

StudyBed boasts beds that flip up to form desks (from £1,800 for a single and £1,920 for a double; but while their video shows that you can leave everything — even a glass of water — on the hinged desk when you flip the bed up, I’m not convinced they’ve seen the piles that litter my workspace.

Tablebed (from £2,600 for a single, £3,500 for a double; is the brainchild of a Swedish inventor who thought combining two pieces of large furniture that don’t tend to be in use at the same time (a bed and a dining table) was the way to save space.

However, the newest transformable bed is a home gym and is the dream for anyone struggling to find space in which to work out during lockdown. Founder Colin Montgomery, a software engineer, came up with the concept of Pivot (from £750 for a double;, above and below) pre-pandemic.

‘I wanted to work out at home but although we had a spare room, the bed took up all the space,’ says Colin, who lives in a two-bed flat in London with his wife and co-founder, Patricia, and baby daughter. ‘It struck me that if I made a strong fold-up wall bed that locked upright and had pull-up bars and a rack for a barbell, I’d have a gym under the bed.’

A local welder built a prototype, Colin used it for nine months — ‘for me it was a game-changer in lockdown’ — and realised there was a market for it.

With these three, you could transform your home. Think this is a two-bed flat with an open-plan kitchen diner? Wrong! It’s a luxurious three-bed flat, with home office, home gym and a dining room.