Jeff Stelling

The Soccer Saturday presenter on Harry Kane’s future and his picks of the season

So, straight into the big issue of the week — will Harry Kane leave Tottenham this summer?

If I’m Daniel Levy, he needs brownie points after the bad season Spurs have had and the European Super League debacle and has to try to hold on to Harry, however much it costs. He wants to win trophies but it doesn’t make him any less of a great player in my eyes if he doesn’t. I could completely understand if he stays but if I’m Manchester City, I’m preparing to write the biggest cheque to sign him.

If not Kane, will City or Manchester United land Erling Haaland?

He scores so many goals for Borussia Dortmund but I’m not sure he’s Pep Guardiola’s type of player and I don’t know if he can do what Kane can. He’s more of an out-and-out striker and City have proved they don’t need that to win games.

What were your feelings about the short-lived ESL breakaway plans?

When I heard about it, I thought ‘this isn’t going to work’ but I didn’t expect it to collapse so dramatically in the way it did. The clubs must have anticipated the reaction it would get. Has it gone away for good? No, I don’t think so.

Who’s caught your eye during this coronavirus-affected season?

Leeds have been fantastic to watch. Even 6-1 down at Old Trafford, they still played the same way and it was so refreshing. Patrick Bamford has been one of the players of the season for me and has made his role an art form. Also, David Moyes at West Ham. He has proved experience is an undervalued asset. Clubs want a bright young thing as their next manager but there’s David with all his experience, doing a good job.

Gareth Southgate names his England squad for the Euros next week. What are you expecting?

Gareth has a lot of tough decisions but has 26 spots now, a huge number. The biggest concern is over players with injuries like Jordan Henderson, even Jack Grealish. How many can you risk if they haven’t proved their fitness? But I don’t expect any surprises now — Gareth will stick to the players he knows and trusts.

Of the players who might miss out, is Brighton captain Lewis Dunk the unluckiest?

He is very unfortunate. We’re not blessed with outstanding centre-halves, or even fit ones, with the likes of Harry Maguire struggling with injury. Dunk (above) has been exceptional for Brighton season after season but hasn’t broken through, and I don’t see it happening now.

You’re doing a fourth walk for Prostate Cancer UK. Why another?

Two years ago, we finished at the new Tottenham stadium and my good friend Lloyd Pinder and ex-England goalkeeper Ray Clemence were there to meet me. Both had prostate cancer, neither was doing too great and I was a bit tearful. They have both since passed away. We want to try and make sure there are no more stories like Lloyd and Ray in the future.

Jeff Stelling will take on his fourth March for Men for Prostate Cancer UK later this summer — and he wants 400 football fans to join him across four regions in four days. You can register an interest to take part now at