Red Arrows pilot had images of child abuse

A FORMER Red Arrows ace is facing jail after admitting possessing indecent images of children. Andrew Cubin MBE, 59, was held after his IP address was traced to his Wiltshire home. Cubin told officers, ‘You can take my laptop, I used that,’ Swindon magistrates heard. The respected pilot, who left the RAF in 2002 and worked for airlines, will be sentenced in May.

Danger microplastics found deep inside living lungs

MICROPLASTICS have been found lodged in live human lungs for the first time. Scientists found 39 types of the fragments — breathed in from old bottles, clothing, packaging and rope — in 11 of 13 tissue samples, higher than post-mortem tests. Levels in men were considerably higher than women and most were in the lower lung, researchers from the Hull university and Hull York Medical School found. Lead author Laura Sadofsky, said: ‘This is surprising as airways there are smaller.’

Another 100 flights axed as Easter chaos continues

MORE than 100 UK flights were cancelled yesterday as Covid-related illnesses cut staff numbers. British Airways axed at least 78 at Heathrow, while easyJet cut 30 from Gatwick. Birmingham and Manchester airports have also had long queues and chaotic scenes.

Sex offender jailed for posing as a cop

A convicted sex offender who posed as a police officer on dating apps has been jailed for 28 months. Bradley Baker, 28, of Birmingham, also used a fake uniform and warrant card to travel free on trains and buses and admitted breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Millionaire ‘builds fortress around illegal man cave’

A MILLIONAIRE who illegally built ‘Britain’s best man cave’ has created a ‘fortress’ by buying up surrounding properties to stop it being torn down, neighbours say. Graham Wildin (pictured), 69, is also said to have moved his cars on to the street in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, to stop bulldozers moving in. Forest of Dean council has a High Court order to demolish the 10,000sq ft complex, which includes a cinema and bowling alley.

Va-va-voom! Electric car chargers show porn

ELECTRIC vehicle owners have had a shock after public charging points were hacked to show porn. Screens on the devices in the Isle of Wight were meant to show the council’s website, but some featured explicit images. The council apologised and said the content would be ‘covered up’.

Memorial vandal admits causing £10,000 damage

A MAN has admitted vandalising the memorial to the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. Anwar Hosseni, 24, of Salford, caused £10,000 damage to the The Glade Of Light. He was bailed for sentencing at Manchester crown court on May 4.

Gen Z ‘saving for rainy day rather than a rave’

CAUTIOUS Generation Z is more likely to splash out on insurance than a night out, a poll finds. One in three 18 to 24-year-olds plan to spend more on cover, compared to one in ten on nightlife. The cost-of-living crisis has ‘made many people nervous’, said AXA.

Some bottle! Messages call for boys

MESSAGES in a bottle calling for male penpals for 15-year-old friends Jennifer Coleman and Janet Blankley have been found in the Humber Estuary in Lincolnshire after 56 years. Finder Tracey Marshall, who was litter picking, has tracked down Jennifer, who moved to Australia in 1973.

Dream of remote working? Try a gift shop in Antarctica

THREE intrepid staff members are wanted to manage an Antarctic gift shop, maintain historic artefacts... and observe penguins. British charity UK Antarctic Heritage Trust said the November to March roles on Goudier Island come with ‘hostel-style’ accommodation, no running water and ‘minimal communication’ with home. But the ad also promises ‘Penguins plodding around, the sun peeping over snow-topped mountains... a job like no other’.

Implant lets paralysed woman walk for 800ft

A PARALYSED woman has walked for the first time in 18 months thanks to an electronic spinal implant usually used to treat chronic pain. The 48-year-old has multiple system atrophy that caused her to lose consciousness when she was upright. Her implant, inserted by Swiss researchers, lets her walk 800ft by firing up neurons that prevent her blood pressure dropping too low.

Major study finds gene clues to schizophrenia

THE largest-ever genetic study of schizophrenia has identified 120 genes that are likely to contribute to the disorder. Experts led by Cardiff University, who analysed more than 320,000 people, found the risk was mainly in brain cells called neurons. Study co-author Prof James Walters said he hoped the findings could help develop ‘radically new treatments’.


■ A RECALL of Kinder Surprise eggs linked to a salmonella outbreak among 63 people has been extended. It now involves 20g or three-packs of Kinder Mini Eggs and Kinder Egg Hunt Kits.

■ A CAMBRIDGE University academic says translating Taylor Swift songs and lyrics from Disney film Frozen into Latin could enthuse students. Steven Hunt thinks some textbooks trivialised slavery and stereotyped females.

■ DIEGO MARADONA’S notorious ‘Hand of God’ football shirt that he wore when Argentina knocked England out of the 1986 World Cup is set to fetch £4million at a Sotheby’s auction. The sale opens on April 20.


■ AT LEAST six worshippers were wounded when a hand grenade was thrown into Kabul’s largest mosque yesterday. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack at the 18th century Pul-e Khishti mosque in the Afghan capital.

■ ONE person has died and two are seriously injured after a fire on a Covid ward in Greece. A total of 34 patients — four already seriously ill — were rescued after the blaze started in Papanikolaou Hospital, Thessaloniki, yesterday.

■ GUNMEN — including one dressed as Batman villain The Joker and another wearing a Salvador Dali mask from hit show Money Heist -fired at shoppers as an ATM was loaded with cash. A guard was shot in the leg in Tuesday’s raid in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo state, Brazil.

■ HONG KONG’S security chief and No.2 official has resigned and announced his bid to become chief executive. John Lee, who is staunchly pro-Beijing, wants to replace Carrie Lam, who says she is not seeking a second term.

■ A US Navy serviceman is riding a wave of good fortune after winning £214,000 on the lottery days after a casino win in Las Vegas. Rhett Barker scooped the prize playing the Virginia draw online at home after returning from his trip.

■ IRAN says it has supplied the UN nuclear watchdog with documents explaining three sites thought to be enriching uranium. The discovery of the undeclared areas comes as talks remain stalled over reviving Tehran’s nuclear deal.

■ ISRAEL’S fragile coalition government is in disarray after an MP quit amid a religious dispute over Passover traditions. Idit Silman’s departure leaves PM Naftali Bennett with just 60 out of 120 parliamentary seats.

■ AL-QAEDA leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has appeared in a video praising an Indian Muslim woman who defied a ban on hijab wearing — the first proof in two years he is alive. Al-Zawahiri took over after the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011. His location is still unknown.

■ TOURISTS hoping for some Spanish sunshine may face a washout this Easter. Storms have eroded many beaches on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, while temperatures yesterday were just 12C — colder than London.

■ A DRUNK man stripped naked, scaled a metal security fence then sprinted down the runway at Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan. The 25-year-old, arrested yesterday, faces charges of trespass and petty hooliganism.